Imagine your tomorrow, only better.

See your tomorrow anew with 5 fresh takes on your future

Engage your future in a positive, meaningful and practical way

The future isn’t just something to be imagined, it’s for you to shape and create.

By the end of this short introductory course you’ll have:

  • a simple way to get your tomorrow in order, with less friction and fewer distractions using one short & simple exercise.
  • transformed the way you think about the future.
  • new ways to start thinking about your future in a positive, meaningful and deeply practical way.

Your future’s going to thank you for this…

So, what’s this challenge all about?

“Where should I begin with imagining and shaping my future?”

The 5 biggest things you’ll learn in this course

  1. You DO have time to get your tomorrow in order: this one simple method will get you to imagine and create your better, smoother-running tomorrow, in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. A powerful new mindset (called future-gifting) that will transform the way you look at your future, unlocking new possibilities, and one that’s so simple and versatile you can apply to any part of your life – personal or professional – right away. 
  3. A guided method that overcomes many common roadblocks people face when trying to think about the future, helping you to engage with tomorrow in a positive, meaningful and useful way.
  4. How to connect to your future in a way that’ll inspire you to act in the present (spoiler alert – no crystal balls or tea leaves will be used, let alone harmed during this challenge)
  5. How to be kind to your future-self, help them out and make their (and your) day run that little bit more smoothly, in a way that’s fun, engaging and energising. No, really.

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“I’d really recommend the micro-gifting challenge for anyone who feels like their day-to-day life is a bit chaotic and they don’t think they have time to make positive changes. This course is very accessible if you’re new to future-gifting like I was. I found it to be a relaxing part of my day and I was surprised by how much I could achieve in 15 minutes!”

Izzy Y., Gateshead, UK

You should take this challenge if…

you have a demanding career or responsibilities that crowd-out your day, leaving you with little time or energy to plan your day tomorrow as well as you’d like

you’re committed to improving your future and the future of those around you, and you need a place to start

you’re feeling “stuck” in your current circumstances or stage in life, and need a non-time-consuming approach to help you progress

you’ve a tendency to not think about the future or to put it off, even when you sense it would hugely help your life and career

you struggle to turn your thinking into action

you’re looking for a way to be kinder and more generous to yourself, and to introduce some positivity and gratitude into your everyday

You shouldn’t take this course if…

you’re not comfortable with guided, reflective exercises that invite you to think a little differently

you’re looking for mythical predictions about your future or some other practice that lacks any grounding in science

you think it’s going to all be easy (yes, you’ll be guided every step of the way, but you will be learning a new skill, which naturally takes some patience and practice)

Discover the keys to your future

Transform your relationship with your future

Reveal more of what’s really important to you and to those around you

Dedicate more of your limited energy and time to what’s most important to you

Woman taking steps towards her tomorrow by fundamentally changing the way she thinks about the future

How to fundamentally change the way you think about the future

How can my thinking about the future be transformed, you might be thinking? What’s there to it? James (the creator of future-gifting) will guide you through simple exercises that invite you think about your future in surprising new ways. Everything is grounded in being practical and relevant to your life. He’ll show you how to mental time-travel further and further into your future, not only for the fun of it, but so that you can use that insight to take steps right now in the present to start shaping the future you want.

Female scientist

Learn science-based techniques and tools

Future-gifting draws together a whole range of ideas, some of which you may already be familiar with, but in a new and unique way. But, although this is new, it’s important to know that the foundations of these tools and techniques are grounded in scientific study. There’s no Nostradamus-inspired prediction or reading of runes, crystal balls or cards. And tea-leaves are strictly reserved for hot drinks only. 

Person applying the techniques that will help them on their journey into their future

Meet the techniques that will help you on your journey further into your future

The micro-gifting challenge is only the beginning. When you’re good and ready, we’re ready to guide you deeper into your future and beyond. Expanding your sense of what’s possible, and opening the aperture of what you believe your future should include. Some of the core skills that will help you on your continued journey are introduced right here.

Get free instant access to the micro-gifting challenge

Tell me about the challenge’s content

The micro-gifting challenge

Over 75 minutes of audio + bonus content + animations

Welcome to micro-gifting!

Animated video: ‘The future’ can feel vast, so where should I begin? (1:55)

Text: A warm welcome to the micro-gifting challenge!

Part 1 – Imagine and shape your tomorrow

Audio: Part 1 – Introducing you to the basics of micro-gifting (13:43)

Part 2 – Imagine and shape someone else’s tomorrow

Animated video: What’s happening in your mind when you think about the future? (5:00)

Audio: Part 2 – Deepening your connection (17:22)

Audio: Bonus Session – short micro-gifting your tomorrow (11:16)

Part 3 – Imagine and shape your week ahead

Audio: Using micro-gifting to be better prepared for your week ahead (15:54)

Audio: Bonus Session – short micro-gifting your tomorrow (11:16)

Part 4 – Imagine and shape your month ahead

Audio: Part 6 – Going deeper into the future and imagining new possibilities (14:00)

Audio: Bonus Session – short micro-gifting your tomorrow (11:16)

Part 5 – Imagine and shape 10 years ahead and beyond…

Audio: Part 7 – Stepping into your far future (16:30)

Audio: Bonus Session – short micro-gifting your tomorrow (11:16)

Get free instant access to the micro-gifting challenge


“The micro-gifting challenge has quickly helped me to develop more self-compassion towards my future-self and to take practical steps to manifest the future I want.  James’ [your guide and instructor’s] easy to follow and clear instructions put my mind at ease, making the challenge engaging and enjoyable.”

– Alexander H., Guernsey, Channel Islands.

And remember, your future-self is entirely dependent on you. 

Whatever you do next, I’m sure your future’s going to thank you for this 😉